Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Enduro, have you heard of it? Sum 0 0 0

After one year of hype i finally had my turn at an enduro race. And by enduro race i dont mean lets go rip our legs off for 4 hours (though that can be a possibility), i mean "hey lets only time the downhills over a long course".  Also another new format for me was the Super D which is long dh race which may contain uphills, depending on the course.

The race: North Shore Mountain Bike Series
Format: xc marathon, enduro, and super d (i competed in all)
Where: north vancouver, more specifically Seymour.  Almost in my backyard.


Xc marathon- 5th
One day enduro - 1st
Two day enduro - 2nd
Super d - 4th

It may have helped if i pre rode the super d course before hand. Though i was going up against some pretty fast chicks. The girls around here can really RIDE!

While all this was going on so was North Vancouvers Bike fest was happening so there were lots of tents and local buisness situated in Inter river park for a good time.
On sunday after the super d i got to spend the day chilling with my cousin Sarah whos new to riding, tearing up the bmx track and beer gardens.

Succsesful weekend Id say.

Anna Banana

**photos to follow shortly**

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