Thursday, April 11, 2013

Theres Still Hope for You Yet Winnipeg

Winnipeg is going through a lot of really shitty days, and then BAM! out of nowhere theres this one really amazing day. 

Like today!  
First day of (almost) summer vacation (I'd say summer vacation but lets be honest maybe we should study for some exams before we get ahead of ourselves). 
Good coffee (and a chocolate croissant).
Sunny (what is the glowing orb in the sky?).  
Warm (er than -15).  
Dry (or was it just not above zero yet)
An awesome adventure bike ride (in circular fashion trying to determine which way the wind is really coming from).  

Wait is there really still 2 feet (at least) of snow on the ground?
I forgot, I was just having such a great day.

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