Monday, February 17, 2014


So its Spring Break! Lets get CRAY CRAY.

On Friday I flew into YYJ (which i was surprised to learn isn't actually in Victoria but Sidney), to start a very much needed break from one of the more epic winter's that Winnipeg has had in recent years, i.e. snowbanks above my head / 20 below kinda winter.

Now that I'm really on holidays I've decided to honor the Olympics in the most Russian way possible, by watching with Vodka.  Its a very understanding tv partner and puts up with my criticism of all of the commentators, even the american ones.

Saturday marked my first outdoor road ride since August.  Holy crap its been a while.  Even longer since I've ridden a proper road bike (probably like 2012 at this point).  Parker, a friend back from the days of the Cafe in Canmore, was able to hook me up with this super primo road bike (very low and aggressive) which was a dream to ride, and awoke an entirely different bike lust monster, one which wants now a road racing bike decked with 11 spd dura ace (but lets be honest who doesn't want that, for serious). From this super rad downtown shop in Vic (Broad St cycles) we went on a rolly route (for my unpracticed Prairie winter legs to do), eventually dubbed the "peninsula tour," going from Victoria north up to Sidney and back.  On the way out was more that perfect, however after a short toast/coffee encounter we were slightly less than pummelled with rain and had to shorten our route less our fingers and toes fall off.  To top off the day we hung out for at the bike shop for a while and talked bikes, that Lance documentary, and honey buns.  Thankfully/unthankfully I left my phone at home so no photos for you.

100 percent rain was in store for us on Sunday so instead of heading over to Vancouver for the Valentine's Day Massacre, Parker suggested we take a single speed cruise around Victoria, which i have very aptly dubbed "Le Tour de Victoria". We first stopped along the coast, and you know, PHOTOSHOOT!  We followed along the coast line, which happened to be Victoria's swankiest housing area, which just piled onto to all of the current BC lust, which is already a lot.


What ensued was studying (on a study break... appalling), rain walks, London fogs, chicken penang, and some gourmet pizza.

My dreamy ray of sunshine
Monday marked the end of Katie's reading break so I decided to try and work on an essay which is due in a week at U Vic while she was being all Law Studenty.  Hardly any work got done. YAY.  In the evening I headed out with fellow Manitobian and cyclist, Hayley, to Mt Douglas for a night hike.  We crushed it so much we forgot to take pictures again. Let me just say it was beautiful to see the city at night, especially on a clear night.

I did get a super cute toque today though...

Tomorrow I head on over to North Van for some family time with my sis, Pisa, and my very extended cousins. Super stoke.

Can't I just live in a city where it's cool to wear birks 365?

Lil' Scrapper

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