Saturday, May 19, 2012

Reverting back to "normal"

Again its been a hectic couple of weeks.  Since coming back from Victoria, I had decided that I had become poor enough and now needed some cash inflow, and less outflow (or should I say less free time). So going back to what I know best I applied at a bike shop (yay!).  The shop's called Obsession: Bikes, a really awesome shop just a short walk out of the Lonsdale Quay in North Van.  I'm a mechanic! Ya you read that right.  Keeps me busy and out of trouble ;)
This past weekend was the first official Trek Red Truck Mtb crew race, the Orecrusher.  Continuing with the trend of all of the racing I've done out here (and will do), it was extremely gruelling.  Strangely enough this race wasn't littered with vertical which is what made it harder (ha as if I just said that).  Ann rocked the podium with a third place, and Quinn with a first in Junior, and fourth over all (such a power house).
Middle of the week I headed up to Mt. Fromme for another Shore ride, this one being better than the last, and now my favorite place to ride on the Shore.  Theres an old logging road right in the middle which makes it much easier to access all of the trails.  The trails are much steeper as well, so I enjoyed it a lot more.  I can hardly justify through words how amazing the shore trails are. You'll  just have to come and enjoy it yourself.

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