Monday, July 23, 2012

Mid summer wrap

Photo Cred: Christine Lynch. Shore Crushing Everyday.
A quick recap of what I've been up to the past couple of months!

Nimby50 - 110 Switchbacks up. 4th place down. Most delicious/nutritious race food. Coming back next year.

Work work work.

Westside Classic - deceptively steep. lots of chasing.

Nationals - hot. dusty. flat repair.  tough.

Breakfast Quebec Patio Style
Work work work.

Bear Mtn - ranniest, funniest, dirtiest race of the year thus far! I also came this close to racing a downhill race. Soon my friends...soon.

Axell Mercxx Pentiction Gran Fondo - super hot. fast. (160 km sub 5 hours!) Womens team win! cherries! More fondos are in my future


Gastown Gran Prix (spectactor) - Holy people (3500 in a 2 km radius). Big names. Fast pace. Team mates totally rocked! Great to have such a big race (biggest prize purse for a crit in NA)

Gearjammer - Wicked course. Love for Squamish solidified. Started out rainy. Ended sunny. Bad start. Strong finish.

Next weekend I think I'll head up to Whistler (maybe do some car camping) and definatly hit the trails and the park!

After that I head into August for a full month of racing. Including Crankworx, BC Provincals, and then back home just in time to make Laddies Loppet!

The pond on Ladies Only. Cleaned it for the first time the other day. Score!

Giant Jenga Party.
Oh ya and I lost an eye.

Lisa's prosthetics final.

Keep the rubber side rolling,

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