Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tour of BC

Wow. I now actually have a second to catch my breath from this past weeks excitement.  It started out like any other normal week with my typical Monday rest day (ie. catching up on SNL, Game of Thrones, Girls, and receiving kitteh snuggles).  On tuesday I finally made it over to Cypress mountain, where Ann and I hammered out some hill repeats (yaaaay!)

Wednesday marked the beginning of a Women's Weekend that I had been invited to by Alison Sydor.  The riding was good but completely littered with rain, which turned my toes purple both days.  The women I met were more amazing, and just completely stoked to go out to Pentiction for a women's weekend of good food, wine, and riding!  Tamara has completely inspired me by coming from rough Venezuela, being a paediatric rehab doctor, and also a hardcore ultra-marathon runner!  She just has such a passion to do what she loves.  I was sad to leave on Friday evening since everyone at the camp was so interesting and had so many stories to share, but the Sunshine Coaster was early the next morning and Sandra and I had both wanted to attend.

Oh man, the coaster.  What a tough but fun event.  Sandra and I got back from the camp with enough time for me to make myself eggs for dinner and pack, but since a ferry is required to get to Gibsons, I had to get up bright and early....thus missing What a bad choice.  I can't particularly say I had a great race because I did totally feel undernourished and there were many low points, which just made the race that much harder!  However I did have lots of fun, the trails out on the Sunshine Coast are amazing and I will be going back for more riding!  Plus a huge shout out to Red Truck Beer for sponsoring the race (and the team),  where I scored an awesome post race recovery (and totally needed) lager.

I came home after the race feeling completely destroyed, and just to dig the hole deeper, I had decided to head out to Victoria to go riding with my awesome friend Parker Bloom.  Parker was a total champ and probably rode at least 300 km this weekend, half of that coming up to Swartz Bay to pick me up and drop me off at the ferry. The weather did a complete 180 from what it was like in Pentiction to being 18 and sunny both days, ie my tan is coming along nicely.  

We did two rides.  The first being on Prospector Rd, a roller coaster of a route with many punchy short climbs.  The second was a little bit longer (and thankfully slower) out to Sooke to a rad little coffee shop called the Stick in the Mud.  Btw, I'm not 100% on the coffee train. I never thought this day would come.  By the time I got to the ferry on Monday I was done for and totally bonked, which made the overpriced ferry food ten time better.  

All in all a tremendous week of riding of which I can hardly put into words, and even less photos.


Victoria Bound

Kitteh Snuggles <3


 Victoria and beyond

Summers Officially Here! 

 The boys

For Jay

 Big Piggies

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