Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mountain Update.

New Post, new location. No longer am i suffering in the prairies, but am now loving being in the mountains! A long time ago i decided that i grew up in the wrong area. Biking and other such outdoor activities are much more enjoyed in a foresty, hilly place, called the rockies! However when we showed up here, it was snowing like christmas.
Its been a month since i moved so getting settled into my job and home has been going well. Along with riding my bike on some of the most awesome trails i've ridden in a while.
Nothing really exciting has happened. Stella's been super happy now that she has free roam of a house all day long, and its been nice moving out, more privacy, and ALL THE FOOD I BUY I EAT! yes!
in the past week, i've had two baby bear encounters, aparently the bears are more aparent at this time of year...great...

On another note, i actually got to go snowboarding before the hill closed for the summer :) free board!

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