Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cyclist Tan here i come!

WOO its actually sunny today, and its actually warm enough i don't have to cover every part of my body in fabric!

(I am such a goob)
I've decided that becuase you know riding your bike is much more important than studying for the impending doom that is called exams that i'm going to put in some miles this week. And what a lovely day to start. Started off with a good headwind (the e-net says 37 km/hr) out to red river drive, oh good memories there.

I'm still suprised the river is up so high cause its been a while since we've had any snow and there has definatly been no significant amount o rain.
And now here i am sitting inside on this oh so beautiful day cramming for tomorrow's massacre in Computer Science(ie the final exam, well thank god it's at least going to be over)

Why do all of the beautiful days happen either when i'm working the stuipd saturday shift or when its always impossible to go outside. ARGH
oh well.

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