Friday, December 5, 2014


Wait, what? It's over?
For now.  

Another cross season has come and gone, and boy oh boy was this one to remember.  Starting off with this year's highlight, Canadian Cyclocross National Championships, in you'll never guess...WINNIPEG.  It was so awesome it took us all a month to process.

Photo Cred: Greogry C. McNeil

After months of preparation the year's ultimate race was happening in my very own city, and we did not disappoint. I participated in 4 races over the entire weekend, at least one everyday, cheered so loudly I lost my voice, enjoyed some lovely Dead Ringers over looking a DOUBLE SAND PIT....I'll repeat a DOUBLE SAND PIT, annnnnnnd organized the after party of the decade.  Just kidding about that last part, next year's will be even more killer.

Photo Cred: Gregory C. McNeil
Photo Cred: Gregory C. McNeil

As a racer I had the top result of my career, placing 5th in an Elite Women's field, specifically the very stacked Canadian women's field (*cough cough* 2x World Champion *cough cough*), made sweeter by the fact that all my family and friends had come out to watch me race.  Only the sweetest deal in the world, and the perfect cherry on top of an ice cream season.  This great season comes as a direct result of many fine folks who have helped me over the past year namely: Paul of  Pure Fitness, Jayson Gillesspie for helping me drop all you fine folk in the dust, Phil Roadley, owner of Bikes and Beyond for supporting my racing aspirations overall these year, and my parents for putting up with to many bikes in our basement, among countless other things.   

Not only was there racing, there was shenanigans.
Annz Bananz

I hope you know I'm just grinning over here.

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