Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Great Southern Party

This past weekend anyone who was has a brain headed south to my new favorite small town, Altona. For the past 6 years they have put on a great festival of biking, local sausages, and cross!  Yet again the fine folks at ABES did not disappoint. Enjoying their play structure in the morning (I can be 5 again thank you very much), race mid-afternoon, heckles all day, and a lovely post - race social.

This course always promises to be fun with so many different elements to a cross race. Lots of technical turns, sandpit, mud pit, hills, and straightaways. Perfect. The race was fast from the get go....thanks alot Oliver, still trying to get in front of you. Got a great face ful of mud. Came third overall , just inching out young Kurt in a great sprint.

Mud full of face.

What I love about cross racing is that it gives me the chance to cheer on all my friends, and heckle the other ones.n On this fine day Luc decided to show up, so  I finally had the chance to yell "Sandbager" all day. Good on ya sandbaging the open race Lukey. The A race was exciting with the some of our only beer handups were by the taken by the two leaders. Hell ya! Following the A race was the social which as alwasy promised included lots of beer, chips, and good times.


Ollie and Jake announcing.

This race always makes it to the top of my list of favorite races.

This is how its done in the toba.


or maybe the demon rooster?

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