Monday, September 17, 2012

Dark Cross!!

After such a long wait....the race I'd been waiting for was here. Time for racing at night on a speedway.  Lots of work went in to putting this event on so Thanks to everyone at FGBC, RRR, sponsors and friends That helped out! I'd say it was a success.

So I headed out to the speedway early on Saturday to help set up for the big day. Set up some tikis, supervised some beer drinking, and just enjoyed the day in general.  This year the course was a little bit different, with much more straightaways, a really sick flyover, and some other stuff.

A couple of highlights from the race:

  • First time on the cross bike this year (i missed you so much Surly bebe <3>
  • My fans are awesome. 
  • Blinded by Camera Flash each Grandstand Run, hoping that my feet would land on each step.
  • My fans are ROWDY.
  • 1st Woman, 2nd OVERALL!! (i'm so stoked, maybe I'll drink less beer this season)
  • Serious calf cramps.
  • Great party!!
Really you all just had to be there to get the jyst of it. Words hardly do Dark Cross justice.

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