Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Goodbye Winnipeg, Heeellllllo Vancouver!

As soon as I got back from California it was back to real life with exam week......wooooo (just soooo much excitement). Exam week was short but painful and I got through with little time to spare to get ready for my adventure to Vancouver.  Highlights of the week include killer rock band night, filming a helmet saftey commercial, Bur Oak Time trial, awesome birthday bon fire, 12 hours to pack up my life, drinks at the Paw with ma gurls, and 2 intense days of driving to Van-city.
Specifically I'm super stoked on the Bur Oak Time trial where I posted a sub 20 minute time, a goal and a new personal best of mine. Woooo!!!
My dad helped me drive out to Vancouver and we were determined to make it out here in 2 days.  We got delayed on the way to Canmore with high speed head winds, and just 10 km out of Golden we were delayed 4 hours by a disgusting truck accident (included pig carcasses, and there was blood everywhere), however we made it here safe and sound.

Aaron with the film dude.

 Jello SHOTS :)

 Stuck forever.
 Rogers Pass

 Seaside Bikeway


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